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About Us

Our Story

Our journey with nature started by producing fresh milk from our own cows grazing in our own lands. Our motto is that farm fresh Desi (A2) Cow milk products must be available, accessible and affordable by all section of people from hamlets to metros.

Other Dairy Products

In the journey of thousand miles, we stepped in introducing our other high quality milk products like paneer, butter, ghee and badam milk. We deliver maintaining high purity, taste and quality.

Foreign Exports

Pure and organic food is always a bliss to people. And we took our next step in exporting our dairy products to other countries like Malaysia, Dubai and Singapore, so that people all over the world can experience the bliss of wholesome nutritious dairy products.

Introduction of Wine

Apart from other dairy products, we introduced certified organic Non-alcoholic Red Wine made from organic grapes.It is free from potassium metabisulfite and any other chemicals. Natural fermentation only.

Introduction of Cheese

Quality cheese produced with first-class taste ranging from shredded, sliced to mozzarella cheese. Available in affordable price so it can be available for all ruralites and urbanites. It is made available, accessible and affordable.

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Dr. A. Bakavathy

Dr. A. Bakavathy

R. Ramesh

R. Ramesh

Ex-Serviceman & Retd Officer Canara Bank
Managing Director


Why Raghas Organic Red Wine?

Raghas Organic Red Wine is Made With Organically Grown Grapes. Get Goodness in every spoon you taste.

Ayurvedic Way of Making Ghee

Ayurveda teaches us that ghee is a divine medicinal product that is amazing for health when consumed. It speaks of innumerable benefits of Ghee. Few of those include weight loss, improves digestion and strengthens immunity.

How to Check the Authenticity of a Ghee?

As per Ayurveda, the medicinal properties of ghee enrich and enhance with time. It just needs to be stored in a clean airtight glass or stainless steel jar or mud pot for aging. One year old ghee is called Purana Ghrita. Purana means old, and Ghrita means …

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Order on Our Website for Hassle free home delivery. Our Products are also available at select Organic outlets.
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