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Welcome To Our Farm!

Here you will find a wide range of healthy and organic A2 dairy products that are proudly produced at our farm by our farmers and cows. Welcome to Raghas Dairy!

Our Organic Food

All our products are organic, pure and certified. No pesticides and hormones are used. Straight from farm, to your doors ensuring healthy packaging and cold chain. Enjoy the wholesome nutrient content!

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Our Farm

There is no greater wealth in this world than peace of mind. And that is possible only with nature. Our natural farm is filled with healthy loving desi cows and fresh dairy products.

About Us

Our Cows

Our cows are grown in such a peaceful and natural environment. Health and hygiene is our top priority! High quality, healthy foods, more space, fresh air altogether in a relaxed environment.

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We Guarantee

  • No Chemical preservatives

  • No Artificial Colours

  • No pesticides

  • No Adulteration



Milk produced from healthy and well-pampered A2 cows. For purchase of Milk contact us.

Red Wine

Raghas organic Red Wine is made from the grapes of Raghas organic garden.


Farm made butter is hygienically prepared such that you get goodness in every spoon you taste.


Traditionally prepared pure Desi Cow Ghee(A2) with no expiration. Made based on 100% Ayurvedic method.

Older the Ghee...More the Value

Raghas Ghee is traditionally prepared as per Ayurvedic principles that’s why Raghas Ghee is qualified to ensure longer shelf life for decades which itself is the proof of its originality. Ghee is our ancestral property and its divine values should pass on throughout our generations. Raghas Ghee is a set classic example of this divine and vedic nature.

Guidelines to Store Organic Raghas Ghee for Decades

Store the ghee in a virgin glass / mud container and vacuum the free space. If it cannot be vacuumed overfill the ghee and close it with virgin glass/ mud lid and keep it in a dark cool place away from sunlight. Do not refrigerate. Always use ultra clean spoon for consumption and recap immediately. Enjoy the divine, nutritious and excellent medicinal properties of your Raghas Ghee and happily pass on to your next generations.

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  • Pure Desi Cow Ghee(Organic A2)

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  • Organic Butter ( Made from Desi Cow Milk – A2)

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  • Organic Red Wine (Non- Alcoholic)

    590.00690.00 Select options


Dr. A. Bakavathy

Dr. A. Bakavathy

R. Ramesh

R. Ramesh

Ex-Serviceman & Retd Officer Canara Bank
Managing Director


Why Raghas Organic Red Wine?

Raghas Organic Red Wine is Made With Organically Grown Grapes. Get Goodness in every spoon you taste.

Ayurvedic Way of Making Ghee

Ayurveda teaches us that ghee is a divine medicinal product that is amazing for health when consumed. It speaks of innumerable benefits of Ghee. Few of those include weight loss, improves digestion and strengthens immunity.

How to Check the Authenticity of a Ghee?

As per Ayurveda, the medicinal properties of ghee enrich and enhance with time. It just needs to be stored in a clean airtight glass or stainless steel jar or mud pot for aging. One year old ghee is called Purana Ghrita. Purana means old, and Ghrita means …

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Where to Buy

Order on Our Website for Hassle free home delivery. Our Products are also available at select Organic outlets.
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