Organic A2 Desi Ghee 
Non Alcoholic Organic Red Wine


Enjoy the Best Of Nature Delivered at your Doorstep! Organic A2 Desi Ghee and Organic Non-alcoholic Red Wine Available Now!

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About our Products

No Expiry A2 Pure Vedic Desi Cow Ghee & No Expiry Non-alcoholic Red Wine Straight from farm to your door

Our Organic Food

All our products are organic, pure and certified. No pesticides and hormones are used. Straight from farm, to your doors ensuring healthy packaging and cold chain. Enjoy the wholesome nutrient content!

Our Farm

There is no greater wealth in this world than peace of mind. And that is possible only with nature. Our natural farm is filled with healthy loving desi cows and fresh dairy products.

Our Cows

Our cows are grown in such a peaceful and natural environment. Health and hygiene is our top priority! High quality, healthy foods, more space, fresh air altogether in a relaxed environment.

Our Wine

Our No Expiry Certified Organic Non-alcoholic Red Wine is produced from selected Medika and Mascat grapes grown at our farm . No coloring agents are used; it is naturally fermented. Our red wine is untamed, unfiltered and prepared traditionally. It is free from potassium metabisulfite and any other chemicals

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