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  • butter

    Organic Butter ( Made from Desi Cow Milk – A2)


    Farm made fresh butter is hygienically prepared to ensure its every goodness and nutritional properties in every spoon you taste.

  • red wine

    Organic Red Wine (Non- Alcoholic)


    Raghas organic Red Wine is made from the grapes of Raghas organic garden. The Red Wine is untamed, unfiltered and prepared traditionally. It is free from potassium metabisulfite and any other chemicals. It’s taste is unique and it’s colour is natural and free from coloring agents. Buy the best organic red wine available at affordable cost.

  • Pure Desi Cow Ghee(Organic A2)


    Traditionally Prepared Pure and Original Desi Cow Ghee(A2). “No Expiry” is the proof of Raghas originality. As per Ayurveda, “Older the Ghee…More the Value”.  Raghas Organic(A2) Ghee comes with Money Back Warranty for purity and organic nature.

    Improves your:

    • Memory Power
    • Intelligence
    • Immunity
    • Stamina