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Ghee or clarified butter is the best source of nutrition for babies. It is extremely beneficial as it helps in metabolism, skin health and nourishment. But, still there is no awareness and proper guidance about the usage of ghee for babies as when and how to include ghee in food. 

This blog will let you know the benefits of including ghee in your baby’s diet.

Why is Ghee Good for Babies?

Energy Booster:

One beauty in ghee is its aroma, which makes babies eat with no effort. Ghee is rich in calories and contains medium chain fatty acid in it. This provides natural energy and stamina for babies. Always go for the pure and organic ghee.

Weight Gain:

As Ghee is high in calories and healthy fat, it helps in gaining weight. These extra calories can help in baby growth. A natural healthy and simple weight gain technique! But make sure you add the right quantity of ghee.

Bone Strength:

Small amount of ghee in infant’s diet can help in improving bone health as it is a rich source of Vitamin D. Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) present in ghee, usually found in milk and meat products, can help in increasing bone strength.

Easy Digestion:

Ghee is easily digestible as the process of making ghee breakdowns more lactose. Hence, it easily digests on baby’s tummy and it is also an excellent alternative for Lactose-intolerant babies. 

Brain Development:

Ghee contains EPA, DHA and Vitamin A which helps in brain development. Omega-3 fatty acids present in ghee can 

Baby Massage:

Massaging a baby with ghee can make the skin smooth and supple. It protects the body from cold. It contains natural moisturizing content. Simple moisturizer and free from chemicals. 

Digestive Health:

Ghee helps in relieving chest congestion and it actually improves metabolism. Helps in maintaining digestive health as it enhances medium chain fatty acids.

Increases Immunity:

Natural Cow ghee improves a baby’s immunity as it possesses immunomodulatory properties. It has antimicrobial properties and is used for several ailments.

Anything consumed within the limit makes wonders. Initially, a few drops of ghee can be given to a 7 months baby. After a year, 1 spoon of ghee is suggested. But, always consider checking with your doctor before any changes in food.

Since there are several ghee brands available in the market, you might find it difficult to identify the original and pure ghee. There are several ways to check the purity of ghee at home.

And now…each mommy has become a super mom knowing the proper direction and usage of ghee for your little one’s. Ghee prepared in an ayurvedic way can be used for babies with no doubt. Enjoy your motherhood with Raghas Organic A2 Desi Cow Ghee !!!

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