1.Non-Alcoholic Red Wine
2.Chosen Grapes from Raghas Organic Farm
3.Natural Fermentation of seeded Grapes to resist cancer
4.Unfiltered Grape Mixture Ensuring wholesome nutrient content
5.Own preparation of Yeast from wheat Flour.
6.Free from Potassium meta Bi-sulfate(Natural and free from coloring agents)
7.Get Goodness in every spoon you taste.

Raghas Organic Red Wine is Made With Organically Grown Grapes

We use organic methods to:

To produce food with nutritional quality in sufficient quantity.
To promote and improve biological cycles, involving microorganisms, soil flora and fauna, plants and animals.
To support maintenance and improve long term fertility of soils.

To use materials and substances which could be reused and recycled, on the farm or elsewhere.
To reduce carbon footprint and all forms of pollution that may result from agricultural practices.
Reduce the toxic load: keep all chemicals out of the water, soil, air and also from our bodies.

It’s important to note that with Organic Grapes, 100 percent of all grapes have to be organic. The grapes are grown as per organic methods, without the use of most conventional pesticides, fertilizers, synthetic ingredients.

Natural methods are also used to ward off pests and other natural vineyard threats. These is done by a systematic approach that promotes healthy vines and minimizes the vineyards’ exposure to insect and disease attack.

All of our wines made with Organic Grapes are clean, and are fresh superior wines that are both good for the earth and tantalizing for the palate.

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