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Non Alcoholic Organic Red Wine


Some winemakers add sulfur dioxide to their wine to prevent bacterial contamination, mold, and so on. So why drink a wine that could damage your health? Now let’s see how organic wine is different from non-organic wine.

Organic wine is made from grapes that are grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides. In order for a wine to be labeled organic, it must meet certain criteria and with no doubt Raghas Wine maintains the organic standards.

While organic farming and wine production are by no means synonymous, there is an abundance of crossover between the two. The primary goal of any organic farmer is to preserve the integrity of their land through sustainable farming methods, in order to ensure the health of the soil and ecosystem surrounding it. In turn, this means the soil is left undisturbed, and in many cases, the natural environment is protected from pollution and pesticides. So wine produced from those grapes from organic land will be free from chemicals and thus cause no side effects.

Making wine is a tricky process that can be time consuming, the right equipment and ingredients are very important to make a good wine, and some grapes have better flavor than others. Wine making is a craft that can take time (depending on the wine maker).

Grapes are picked at the optimum time, when they are just ripe but not overripe. Then, they are handled very gently so they don’t lose their wonderful aroma and flavour. After that, they are immediately placed in stainless steel tanks, where they remain until fermentation is complete. This making of wine brings a difference in taste.

The upshot is that the organic wines have more flavour and richer fruit characteristics than other non-organic wines. All of the wines taste excellent, but the organic wines clearly stand out.

If you’ve ever considered buying organic to support a better cause, or just to know that what you’re eating is healthier for you, then it’s time to purchase organic wine, ghee and many more dairy products from Raghas!!!

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