Ghee is clarified butter which is made by boiling and stirring butter till the water evaporates and is left with milk solids at the bottom and clarified butter at the top. The two are separated, and then the ghee is isolated. When made correctly, naturally and organically as per Ayurvedic principles, it needs no refrigeration and lasts hundreds of years. As a matter of fact, it has been found still edible in ancient tombs!

As per Ayurveda, the medicinal properties of ghee enrich and enhance with time. It just needs to be stored in a clean airtight glass or stainless steel jar or mud pot for aging. One year old ghee is called Purana Ghrita. Purana means old, and Ghrita means ghee. As per Ayurveda, aged ghee has very unique benefits.

The ghee which is stored for more than ten years, is called Prapurna (exceedingly old) Ghrita. Ayurveda goes as far as to say that there is no disease which cannot be cured by the ghee which is one hundred years old.

Raghas Ghee is traditionally prepared as per Ayurvedic principles that’s why Raghas Ghee is qualified to ensure longer shelf life for decades which itself is the proof of its originality. Ghee is our ancestral property and its divine values should pass on throughout our generations. Raghas Ghee is a classic example of this divine and vedic nature.

Traditionally Prepared Pure and Original Desi Cow Ghee(A2). “No Expiry” is the proof of Raghas originality. As per Ayurveda, “Older the Ghee…More the Value”. Raghas Organic(A2) Ghee comes with Money Back Warranty for purity and organic nature.

We want our customers to use this unique and rare opportunity to procure authentic original organic A2 ghee, the same quality of ghee consumed by our ancestors, and revive the ancient tradition of handing over aged ghee as a family heirloom, passing it down for generations for benefit of their descendants.

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