Ayurveda teaches us that ghee is a divine medicinal product that is amazing for health when consumed.

It speaks of innumerable benefits of Ghee. Few of those include weight loss, improves digestion and strengthens immunity. All these benefits are a result only by consumption of ‘Pure Desi A2 Cow Ghee’ which is made using the traditional Vedic process. There have been any number of improvisations in the process of making Ghee. At raghasdairy.com we are passionate about providing the purest Desi Ghee made exactly as per the traditional process mentioned in the Ayurveda.


The first step is to Boil the milk.

Preparing Curd

Curd or Yogurt is prepared out of this Milk. Curd is made by mixing a spoonful of existing curd that you already have in the milk. Then rest this mix in a place overnight.


The Curd then has to be churned manually. Churning the curd bi-directionally — Clockwise and Anti-Clockwise — is to be done.


As the churning process ends, the ayurvedic butter is produced and separated.


The butter is now melted and boiled. At the end of this process, the ghee is almost ready and will start emitting the divine aroma. The final step is where the Golden Ayurvedic A2 desi cow ghee is stored in jars.

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